Mike Rinder

Author. TV Producer. Whistleblower. Activist. Blogger.

Mike Rinder

Author. TV Producer. Whistleblower. Activist. Blogger.

Since leaving scientology, Mike has made it his mission to expose the abuses of scientology and other cults, give a voice and strength to victims and bring justice to the perpetrators.

Born in Australia, raised in scientology, Mike rose to the very top of the organization. He was scientology’s international spokesperson for more than 20 years and the head of its Office of Special Affairs.

He escaped in 2007 at age 52 and began a new life with only the clothes on his back. He has become a well-known whistleblower: teaming up with Leah Remini for the Emmy-winning series Scientology and the Aftermath. Mike is regularly sought out by media to share his insight, he writes a daily blog, hosts the Fair Game podcast and has now published a book about his life.

The Book


My Escape from a Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology


In his powerful memoir Mike tells his life story of growing up under the influence of heavy cult indoctrination, surviving abuse and his final awakening and escape. Written for the children he brought into scientology and who remain inside the organization to this day, it speaks to everyone about the importance of family, confronting your demons and overcoming adversity.

“An extraordinarily powerful book….Nothing could be more relevant to our current moment.”

Alex Gibney

Oscar-winning director of Taxi to the Dark Side and Going Clear

“A flamethrower of a read, burning up the organization’s wicked nonsense…”

John Sweeney

Investigative journalist and presenter of BBC Panorama’s Scientology and Me

“A candid and deeply felt memoir of a life lost to false belief - and courageously regained.”

Lawrence Wright

New York Times bestselling author of Going Clear

The Blog

Mike shares daily posts about current events in scientology, insider truths about what really goes down, and answers questions regarding the internal workings and complicated policies of scientology.

The Podcast

On their popular podcast: Fair Game, with 80 episodes aired to date, Mike and Leah expose scientology’s efforts to destroy it’s so-called enemies through their policy: “fair game.” Listen as Mike & Leah speak with former scientology members, journalists, experts, and other ex-cult members that bravely share their stories.

The Documentary

Over three seasons and thirty-seven episodes of the critically acclaimed, groundbreaking A&E documentary series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah and Mike fearlessly expose the toxic nature and deceptive practices of this insidious organization. Recognized with two Emmys, a TV-Critics Association award, Producer’s Guild Award and a Critics Choice Real TV award, this docuseries has spread the truth about scientology to the biggest audience in history and is currently available for viewing on Netflix.

In 2019 Mike and Leah were recognized by Child USA with the Barbara Blaine Trailblazer award for their brave public stand for justice. In 2020 Mike joined the board of Child USA, a non-profit changing the laws and bringing justice for victims of child sexual abuse.

Mike is also a founder and board member of the Aftermath Foundation, a non-profit that assists the victims of scientology get back on their feet after escaping. 


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